Best and Safest Good Quality Wooden Swing Sets Reviews

wooden swing set

Whether you are looking for a wooden swing set for your home, your school or your favorite neighborhood park as a donation, it is always important to find a good quality swing set that is safe, sturdy and durable enough to survive the seasons. About a decade ago, swing sets were mostly made out of metal and plastic materials but wooden swing sets have become increasingly popular, and I must say, these new designs are very pleasing to the eye.

There are countless varieties of swing sets to choose from. And just like any other merchandise you intend to buy, the first thing you need to do is look for the best quality you can get and the biggest bang for your buck. The main things you should consider before taking your pick are: the type of wood used to construct the swing set; the safety features of the set (you definitely want a sturdy swing set) and their effectiveness; and finally the cost of the wooden swing set.

1. The type of wood. Wooden swing sets are made with either Cedar, Redwood or Pine. These are the most reliable types of wood when it comes to any construction. Although the most commonly used wood out of the three is Cedar, the one that brings the most aesthetic appeal to your wooden swing sets is the beautiful Redwood. It is sturdy and durable and gives off a natural glow. Redwood is however more expensive than the other two types of wood. Cedar wood is the choice to go with if you are looking for more overall quality and value for money. It is solid and does not easily age or wear, even at its cheaper price range. Lastly, Pine is the most durable of the three wood types and its price range lies between Cedar and Redwood.

2. Safety features. This is probably the biggest factor that parents consider when choosing a swing set. The frame of the entire structure is what holds the swing set together and should be strong enough to handle a substantial amount of weight, even if we are talking about children. Make sure that the swing set has been put together using high grade hardware. Knowing that the best quality materials have been used will give you more assurance of its durability and more confidence in the safety of the structure. The wooden swing set should be properly finished and sanded so that kids do not hurt themselves on screws and splinters that might stick out of the wood.

3. Cheap is expensive. We are always looking for a good bargain. Even I am guilty of that. This sometimes makes us buy items that may not have all the things we want or need just save to save a buck. When it comes to wooden swing sets and the safety of your kids, it is better to cough up that extra cash than regret it later. How can you tell if a swing set is cheap? Well the quoted price alone should tell you that. Good quality wooden swing sets usually cost between $1000 and $2000. Other ways to tell if a swing set is cheap is by looking at the warranty period the seller gives you. Inexpensive swing sets usually come with a very short duration of warranty, maybe even 4 years or less. Although this is not always the case, it is one of the warning signs. Another warning sign is that, cheap wooden swing sets usually do not have pre drilled holes in them. This is risky because as you drill the beams yourself in DIY fashion, you run the risk of cracking the beams and incurring a loss.

A swing set on its own is fun for kids, but what if you could combine an ordinary swing set with another fun physical game structure? How about monkey bars? Yes, it has been tried and tested! The most recent trend that has emerged and is gaining popularity is wooden swing sets with monkey bars in the same design. If you are planning to buy both these fun structures, why not get your value for money, enjoy the same safety guarantees and buy a swing set with monkey bars. As you continue to consider your options on which one to buy, reading swing set reviews can give you some good insight into the set or brand suitable for you. There are two wooden swing set brands, according to several user reviews, that seem to stand out from the rest as being the pioneers of wooden swing sets with monkey bars as well as being well known for their quality products. Those are the Lifetime swing set with monkey bars and the Gorilla Playsets.

This site features information about the following products:

Nantucket Swing Set
Gorillaplay Sets Home Backyard Playground Chateau II Swing Set
Gorillaplay Sets Home Backyard Playground
Gorilla Playsets Sun Valley I Swing Set
Gorilla Playsets Highcrest Swing Set
Mountaineer Swing Set with Timber Shield
Gorilla Playsets Sun Palace I Swing Set
Gorilla Playsets Catalina Cedar Wooden Swing
Gorillaplay Sets Home Backyard Playground
20 ft. Frontier Swing Set
Great Skye I Swing Set Canopy: Wood Roof
Timber Shield Swing Set
Pioneer Peak Swing Set
Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Frontier
Lifetime® Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set
Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset
Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set

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Gorilla Wooden Swing Sets

This brand is all the rage these days when it comes to wooden swing sets. From its high quality materials, to its beautiful appearance, this brand is surely one to consider. This is one of the brands that sells swing sets with monkey bars as part of its design. The beams of the Gorilla wooden swing set come already drilled, sanded and are very easy to assemble. They come in a variety of designs each with several amazing features that will definitely make game time a memorable experience for your kids, everytime. Some sets have club houses, sandboxes and a canopy roof that can turn into a playhouse when you pull down the shutters! You can also get swing sets that have some or all combinations or all of these features, depending on how deep you’re willing to fish into your pocket. The choice is yours and I guarantee you will be spoiled for choice.
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The Lifetime Swing Sets

Not only is this brand standing out for its amazing designs of swing sets with monkey bars, it has a reputation of having very beautiful and sturdy swing sets that combine cedar wood and metal for a unique and classic look. Lifetime swing sets have over 13 models and their designs are modern yet appealing to kids. They use high quality materials, galvanized nails and bolts. This brand truly lives up to its name because their swing sets that last a lifetime.
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Both Gorilla Wooden swing sets and Lifetime swing sets come in a variety of designs and configurations that you can choose from before you settle on which wooden swing set you want to buy. Whatever the case, I guarantee the children are going to love it and so will you.

The Ultimate Swing-N-Slide Play Set for Your Backyard

Are you looking to treat your kids with a Swing-N-Slide Play set with the convenience of being at your own home? There are lots of choices that you can have on the market today. However, getting the best one for them is the key. You definitely need to ensure that your kid’s safety is made a priority. There could be no better choice than the Winchester Wood Complete Play Set.

Everything you need is in the box. The package this set is delivered in is all you need to set it up. The assembly process does not take you a lot of time and there is a manual to guide you through. You do not need special skills to ensure that it is up and running. There are no additional expenses when you buy the set. All that you need is provided.

The set gives your children great challenges that keep them occupied all the time. In addition to the challenges are the benefits of swinging, brachiating, climbing and sliding that come with this playset.

The Winchester play set features multiple play elements in a charming design. This kit comes complete with loads of activities including three large decks totaling 32 sq. ft. The three position swing beam contains two swing seats and a single child Wind Rider Glider for soaring fun. Easily access the top decks with the climbing rock wall and ladder entry. The playhouse facade is adorned with gable roof, striped awnings and two windows for charming appeal. The picnic table is perfect for activities, snacks, and socializing with friends.

The product has been designed in such a way that it is up to standards. It meets/exceeds ASTM safety standards. These standards are only for backyard residential usage.

The Cool Wave slide comes with a lifetime warranty against breaks and cracks when you buy this product. This just shows the level of confidence that the manufacturer has in the set. All the materials that make this set are heavy duty. This simply means that it is a set that will serve you for a many years.

This is definitely something that you do not want your children to miss. It will surely make their play time interesting, challenging and with numerous health benefits. As you will be exploring your options, it will be a wise move to consider this product as well. You might have missed this but do not let your children grow up without it.

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